Swinger Scuba Trips

While we're not organizing any swinger scuba takeovers at the moment, we might consider it if there's enough interest. For now, our focus is on traveling with fellow scuba enthusiasts to stunning destinations around the globe. Our mission is to discover hidden gem trips that combine affordability with unforgettable experiences. We'll explore liveaboards and resorts, and occasionally rent an Airbnb to dive with various providers, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in each location. Join us for extraordinary underwater adventures and memorable nights! These trips are open to both singles and couples.

For those of you who are already doing trips, reach out to us and we will let others know.  If you wish that is.  We will gladly post the information here and include it in our emails.  

Where we like to go!

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Welcome to Hedonism II!

Join us for an adventure unlike any other as we dive not only into the Caribbean but into the wildest party destination on the planet-- Hedonism II, with like-minded couples who truly know how to play! This trip isn't for those seeking the ordinary – it's for the bold and adventurous ready to embrace the spirit of Hedonism in all its glory.

Here, everything you've heard about Hedonism rings true. It's not really a 5-star resort, but it is an experience like no other. After your dive, you'll find that getting rid of pants is the norm... because, well, who needs them when everyone's already naked? Join our vibrant group of adventurous couples aged 45 and above, and get ready for an unforgettable journey filled with fun and excitement. And yes, we'll be there too, adding to the excitement!

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Come along as we reflect on our incredible land-based journey at Bananarama, and gear up for another exciting adventure! We're contemplating a return trip, and if we assemble a small group, Airbnb could be our accommodation choice, granting us greater flexibility and a myriad of exploration opportunities across the island. With numerous reefs in Roatan yet to be explored, we're enthusiastic about uncovering more of the island's natural beauty. Brace yourself for fresh experiences and captivating underwater marvels!

As for evening activities, the choices are in the hands of those present. At least there's plenty of options to consider!

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Wreck Diving

Who can resist the allure of a thrilling wreck dive? We've explored our fair share, but the excitement never fades. In the summer of 2024, we're setting our sights on Egypt for an epic adventure in the Red Sea, where a lineup of exhilarating wreck dives awaits. The best part? Our rates are unbeatable – snag a single spot for less than $1100. While there's airfare to consider, the Red Sea ranks as the second-best diving destination globally, promising an unforgettable underwater experience. Get ready to dive into excitement! 

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